Monday, December 7, 2009


Ratchet and Clank had an ice cream and then had an adventure outside. Their favourite time was when they went into the sandpit. Here are some of the toys:
1) Bucket
2) Spade
3) Sand
4) Leaves

Grrrr! Uh oh. I don't think Mum liked that. RUN!

The Barnyard Buddies went into Darcy's room. They made some new friends and had lots of fun until the hairdryer fell out of place and made everyone twist and crash and clatter and bump. Then The Barnyard Buddies got whisked. Clank tumbled out with a pukeko!

WOW! Someone put up the Christmas tree! The Barnyard Buddies most favourite part of all WAS EXPLORING ROUND THE ATTIC! They were thrilled about it. Then they got dropped. Bouncy, bouncy, bounce. Too many bounces!!! Funny rhyming eh? Then The Barnyard Buddies got too excited. Crash! Oww. Some journey! Crash! Be careful! Oh! Suddenly "THE BOMBS GOING TO EXPLODE!" No silly there isn't any bombs. "Oh!" The Barnyard Buddies decided to write asong and it goes like this:

For he's a jolly good fellow 3x
Which nobody can deny 3x
For he's a jolly good fellooow
Which nobody can deny

That was before they went exploring round the attic. But I can't tell you about that, because I have already told you. Oh. I almost forgot. We also had some friends over for tea. We also deleted some photos because I took more than 281 photos and some were blurry. Now we have 166. Then we went to some shops to buy some chips. I cuddled them all night. They also went in the drier. They went tumbling like some crazed rat on a trampoline! Bye!


On Friday 27th of November, The Barnyard Buddies went home with Timmy for the week. They had a very important job, supporting him while he was preparing to have his operation on Monday morning. They made him smile right up until when he got wheeled away to the operating theatre. They were there again when he got back to the ward. Timmy was very sore and they did a great job at distracting him and getting him to think about something else.

Thanks Barnyard Buddies!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


On Friday The Barnyard Buddies went to my holiday house. The grass was really long. They explored around the holiday house.

On Saturday they played loads of games and went to the Farmer's Market and the supermarket. After lunch they walked to the end of the road. Then the Barnyard Buddies watched some Tintin movies.


Greetings earthlings. We meet again!

Hey Clank. Yeh. I think there's a new thingy in the household. RUN. Too late. AHHHH. Help, Katherine, help. Wait, I've got evil parents to work out. Freeze. I've got to help the M2B. What took you so long. Parents. Oh, then a little help here? Sure. Who is this monster?

Mwa ha ha haaaaaaa

What did you say? Ah, nothing (her eyes went red). Umm. I'm a bit scared (stepping back). Me too. I like it better in M2B. Let's go back. Nobody's going anywhere til we get this party started. Yeh, let's go hide in the attic. Good idea. I'll distract them. You make the booby traps, then run. Um, what are we reading. The encyclopaedia of world wildlife. Two words - yuck, boring. I now believe in Black Friday. I wish it was Yellow Friday. Ratchet, there's another new thingy as well as that evil thing. It's big and sits on babies. Ahhhhhhh. It's a babysitter. NOOOOOOOOO. Body slam. Owww! What are you doing so early in the morning. I was having a nice snuggly sleep next to Katherine. Come on. Time to go to Invercargill for swim races. Hello. Anybody listening? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Body slam. Oh you again. Can't you give me some peace around here. No we will not ever give you peace. Good morning everyone. Why's everyone in my room staring at me? Oops, did I forget to put my clothes on? Everybody nodded. Wait a second. There we go. Now what's the problem? The Barnyard Buddies shared arguing. Hey if it's your first argument it better be a good one... OK I won't stop you BUT I will listen just in case. By the way two things actually.
1 - let's go I don't want to be late.
2- I want to win and
3 - Boy it's comfy sitting on this awesome sofa

Saturday, November 14, 2009


FRIDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 2009 - Tevita and The Barnyard Buddies go to Auckland.
Tevita, Ratchet and Clank flew on the plane to Auckland. We stayed at Aunty Deborah's house in Grafton.

SATURDAY 7TH NOVEMBER 2009 - What a busy day!
Tevita, Ratchet and Clank went to the Auckland Zoo in the morning. After lunch they went and had afternoon tea. Then they went for a swim. That night Tevita went to Dana's 21st birthday.

SUNDAY 8TH NOVEMBER 2009 - The Adventure Walk
Tevita and The Barnyard Buddies went to the Auckland Domain for an adventure walk. The geese hissed at them because they were protecting their gosslings.

SUNDAY 8TH NOVEMBER 2009 - The Rocket Ship
Tevita, Ratchet and Clank went to the Aotea Centre. They ate teriyaki chicken. Then they went for a ride in the rocket ship elevator.

Friday, November 6, 2009


The Barnyard Buddies made a special appearance at assembly this week. They are now the stars of their very own movie. If you missed our assembly please sit back and enjoy the entertainment:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Finally The Barnyard Buddies were going home. Well, not exactly home but I was going to Joseph's house. When we got there we went in his room. "Wow!", said Ratchet. "It's awesome and it's like paradise! said Clank. Then they played soccer. The score was 8:7 to Joseph. "Awh man", said Ratchet. When we got to my house we watched a Pokemon movie, Mew II vs Mew V. They thought it was cool. Then my rabbit Bonsy came in the house. "Cool!", Clank said. "He looks like me".

They played my Transformers game. They were Opitumus Prime. Then they had a fruity kanati. "Yummy", they said. Then they played with my Pikachu. Pikachu Electric shocked Ratchet. But Clank got Pikachu back. They looked at my crystal, then they had a little nap. Then The Barnyard Buddies looked at my Ben 10 cards. Then they had a cuddle with my dog Skip. Then they played with me and my Dad's Transformers. Clank liked Hound. Ratchet liked Ravage. "Autobots vs Decepticons", they yelled. Then they found my lightsaber and they pretended to be Qi Gon. Then they had another nap.

They went in the chicken coop.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


First I took photos of The Barnyard Buddies playing on the Playstation. Then I went to Grandma's house and took a photo of The Barnyard Buddies on Poppa's sore foot. Then I went back home and we went to bed. In the morning we went for a swim and The Barnyard Buddies watched me. Then we went back home to have some lunch. Then we went to my friend's house and I got to play on his bike and The Barnyard Buddies played in roller skates. We got McDonald's for tea and then The Barnyard Buddies went to bed to watch a movie with me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Friday 25th September

The Barnyard Buddies came to my house. They saw my little sister (Xuan Xuan) playing. Ratchet wanted to play with her and Clank as well. But Xuan Xuan wanted to eat. So they went "MMMMMM", "What can we do now?", asked Clank. So we played hide and seek with them. They both liked it... I also read some stories. Ratchet tells a story about five monsters and Clank tells a story about Horrid Henry.


They both crashed into the chair!!!!!


They BANG into the wall. They CRASH into Qing Qing. They BOOM into my Mum and Dad's bedroom. Qing Qing hugged Clank tightly. "EEEEEK", said Clank.

At night we play throw the buddies game and we had fun.

Saturday 26th September

On Saturday we went to my mother's friend's house. When we were there I left them in the car.

Sunday 27th September

The Barnyard Buddies went to church and my Mum's office. They were so excited. But when I went to church I left Ratchet in the car. But Qing Qing took Clank to the church. At my Mum's office, they played upside down, and I took a photo of them upside down. They took turns, so I said "Good Job", and they liked it.
When I was hungry I ate some biscuits and they saw me eating biscuits. They also felt hungry too. They said, "I am very hungry". So I gave them some biscuit.

Monday 28th September

We stayed at home because it was raining.

Wednesday 30th September

Today The Barnyard Buddies had a bath because they were dirty.

Thursday 1st October

On Thursday The Barnyard Buddies went to the Otago Museum. They played with the bouncing ball. We made a card at the museum and gave it to my Dad.

Friday 2nd October

The Barnyard Buddies played with my wings, my wand and my crown. They were my birthday presents. Because they wanted to be a princesses (Fairy Princesses).

Sunday 11th October

A noon we had a picnic lunch in the Botanic Gardens because it was a sunny day. My Mum and Dad brought me to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic lunch and also because I was a good girl. We ate chips, burgers and potato chips. At night The Barnyard Buddies had a photo session. I also had a farewell party for them. They had fun. I am going to miss them soon.

Bye Clank. Bye Ratchet

Monday, September 21, 2009


Ratchet and Clank were so excited to be coming home with me. On Saturday morning The Barnyard Buddies came to the gymnastic competition with me. They thought it was amazing when they saw the girls doing their gymnastic routines. After that they came to my hip-hop class with me and sat on the pillows and watched. Next we went to see my friend Lizzy (who is a grown-up). She looked after me and the buddies while my Mum went to rehearsal. Lizzy took me, her two dogs, and the buddies to the park. Later on we went to my other friends house with Lizzy. Ratchet and Clank played on the trampoline with me and my other friends. We stayed there for dinner and then spied on our parents with special spy gadgets.

On Sunday me, the buddies, my Mum, and our dog went to visit our good friends in Brighton - where we stayed for the day. During the weekend the buddies got to meet all my pets. They also watched me and my Mum baked scones to take to our friends.

The End

Monday, September 14, 2009


Saturday 12th of September 2009

Today The Barnyard Buddies went to the School Fair and they got their picture taken at the finger puppet stall. They baked cookies at home with chocolate bits in it and they went to the Farmer's Market and they bought a carrot and an apple. The Barnyard Buddies built with Lego two robots and the robots had force fields.

By Joshua

Sunday 13th of September

"Aaaaaaaaa", said Clank. "Don't worry", said Ratchet. "It is just a rocket". "A rocket", said Clank. "But it will burn us and robots inside". The robots said "we are going to start 5,4,3,2,1 blast off". "Now we are going to fly" Hoop/crash/boom. The robots exploded but then something magical happened. The robots and the spaceship got repaired and then they tried again and flew off into space. They have never been seen again because they flew into a black hole.

Goodbye Barnyard Buddies
From Joshua

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


On Wednesday Miss Barnett walked into her office to find a disgusting smell lingering in the air. Ew! What IS that? thought Miss Barnett. She walked all around her office sniffing until she found where the smell was coming from... THE BARNYARD BUDDIES!!!! Miss Barnett almost fell over when she opened the backpack because the smell was sooo strong. After their adventure last weekend to the beach, The Barnyard Buddies reeked! Right, thought Miss Barnett. Tonight you need a bath!

When Miss Barnett got home from school she put Ratchet, Clank and the backpack straight into the washing machine. Phew - problem solved thought Miss Barnett.

The Barnyard Buddies happily splashed around in the washing machine.

When the spin cycle finished Miss Barnett dragged the soggy characters out and gave them a sniff. Ahhh... fresh as daisies. Miss Barnett pulled out the backpack and sniffed. Aaahhhh - disgusting. It still smelt terrible. Next minute something fell down on the floor. What is THAT??? thought Miss Barnett. On the floor lay a smelly, decaying crab's claw. Ohhhhh gross!!!! Naughty Barnyard Buddies!!!! They had bought a treasure home from the beach! Miss Barnett gave them a strict talking to and hopefully they will be better behaved next weekend!

Monday, September 7, 2009


The Barnyard Buddies saw my cat Bella. She is so fat. The Barnyard Buddies got squashed. Then they went to my beach house and they were so hungry they ate my brother's sausage. "Mmmmm!" they said. "Uh oh, uh oh, a dog, a dog". Clank said, "I can get him, wait. Is it a girl or a boy?" "It's a girl. I can't fight a girl". "Stop" said Ratchet, "I'm tired". "Me too!". So they had a sleep. "Wait, I found a weird thing". "What is it?". "I dare you to press the button". "Aaaaa", said Clank. "Wait, let me have a go. It's a computer". "Come on", I said. "You've been sitting there for a long time. "Aaaaa, not the rocks", said Clank. "Aaaaaa", said Ratchet.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


The Barnyard Buddies went to Anashai's. My friend and I went to the Dinosaur Park but Ratchet and Clank were tired so they went to bed. At the Dinosaur Park I saw Katy. Then I jumped on the tramp with them.

"Oh no you didn't". They ate my toast. They ate some noodles for lunch. Then we watched Ice Age 3.

I'll miss you Ratchet and Clank. I slept with them all night long.

From Anashai

I'll miss you. Bye bye.

Monday, August 24, 2009


The Barnyard Buddies had a great weekend with Kayla. They went to see her play rugby on Saturday morning and even had a team photo with her team the Pirates U7 Whitepointers.

After some lunch at home it was back to the clubrooms for end of year prizegiving where The Barnyard Buddies went and played at the park. They loved going down the slide with me .

That Saturday night me and The Barnyard Buddies were watching my mum help out Otago rugby player and Pirate Glenn Dickson hand out trophies and my mum got one as well. Yay mum.

On Sunday we took a drive out to my Grandad's place. He has sheep and hens there.
We went for a walk up the paddocks and got to see the new lambs that had been born that morning. After the drive home and an ice cream The Barnyard Buddies had a good long sleep ready for the school week ahead.

Monday, August 17, 2009


The Barnyard Buddies watched C4. The Barnyard Buddies stopped and The Barnyard Buddies did not see C4. The Barnyard Buddies saw my Mum. I said hi to The Barnyard Buddies. "I am going up", said The Barnyard Buddies. "I am going up, up up". "Stop", I said. "One, two", said The Barnyard Buddies.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



The Barnyard Buddies came home to Timmy's house on Friday night. They were worried it was going to be a very quiet weekend, when Timmy's brother Callum got sick on Saturday >: But on Sunday everyone needed to get out of the house so we took them to visit Dad's work at the helicopter base. They loved looking at the rescue helicopter! They sat in the front seat where the pilot sits and had a look in the back where Dad looks after the patients. They would have loved to go flying but we had to go home.


After school The Barnyard Buddies went to soccer practice with Marcus. It was sunny and they had a good time watching.

Ratchet and Clank watched Marcus and his team play a soccer match. Marcus's team WON!! The score was 7-2. In the afternoon Ratchet and Clank played with the Lego. They pretended that they were surrounded by baddies and goodies. Clank grabbed a baddie and put handcuffs on him and locked him in a building. Then Ratchet and Clank escaped. They then played Super Cow on the computer before they went to bed and had a good sleep in Marcus's sister Catherine's room. On Saturday Ratchet and Clank went to the Public Library. They read some books and went home for lunch.

Monday, July 27, 2009


27TH JULY 2009

The Barnyard Buddies went to the pool. On Saturday we went to the Waikouaiti and we went to my friends house. Ratchet and Clank jumped on my brother because Ratchet wanted to be Superman and Clank wanted to be Supergirl. We went to the shop and The Barnyard Buddies got a notebook and I got a writing book.

By The Barnyard Buddies


FRIDAY 3RD JULY - The Barnyard Buddies got to the hairdressers
After school we went to the hairdressers. Ratchet and Clank watched me get a haircut. I had two lollies. They were yummy.

SATURDAY 4TH JULY - A Cold and Wet Day
I played a game of rippa at Carisbrook. I wanted to take The Barnyard Buddies but I left them in the truck because it was too cold.

SUNDAY 5TH JULY - We Pack My Room
Ratchet and Clank played with my toy dog and monkey while I packed my room.

MONDAY 6TH JULY - We Moved Today
I put The Barnyard Buddies, my dog and my monkey into the blue backpack. I put it in the removal truck.

TUESDAY 7TH JULY - Have You Seen The Barnyard Buddies?

I was so sad today. I looked everywhere in my new room. I hope dog and monkey are looking after them.

Lucky my brother found The Barnyard Buddies. I was happy.

Today I took Ratchet and Clank to the Mitre 10 playground for a play.


Today we went to the movies watch Ice Age 3.

WEDNESDAY 15TH JULY - The Earthquake
I hugged Ratchet and Clank when the house shook and we thought it was a monster. It was an earthquake!

Goodbye! Dog, Monkey and I will miss you Ratchet and Clank.

By Tevita

Monday, June 29, 2009



When The Barnyard Buddies went to the blood test store they were both very scared but Ratchet saw a spinseat. "Hey look Clank", said Ratchet. "What is it?", said Clank shivering. "Would you like to try that spinseat?" "Okay", said Clank. "Ahhhhh!" "Stop!", cried The Barnyard Buddies as it sent them flying into the bed. When the blood test was over they got in the car. When they were at my house Ratchet fell onto my piano. "AAAAHH!" they both cried as it sent Clank tumbling from the left of the piano and Ratchet banged himself straight on top of the piano so hard that the whole house shook. Then Clank and Ratchet suddenly didn't look in front of them and suddenly toppled backwards into a super power electronic energy blanket. "Help us" they screamed. "We can't get out". ZOOM! the blanket went as it rolled outside. BANG! Bounce! Roll! Smash! Crack! Clang! Boink! Bounce! CRASH! The door banged open and the blanket rolled on the roof and the blanket rolled into my chair and it toppled backwards onto the blanket. This stopped the blanket from rolling. Ratchet and Clank went under the blanket and went into the hallway. But a knight who had marched out of the bedroom stood right in their way. "Whooo daares tooo cooome heere", it boomed. "I'm Clank, and this is Ratchet", introduced Clank. "Weeel yooour nooot gooiiong tooo coome paaast meeee". "Oh yeah?", asked Ratchet as he kicked the knight as hard as he could. "That'll teach you a lesson", said Clank, looking at the dead knight. Then Clank saw a fruit bowl. "Hey Ratchet", he said. I'm going up there to eat some fruit in that basket". Would you like to come up there and eat some fruit?" "No thanks", said Ratchet.


We went to the caravan as soon as 9 o'clock struck. "I'm getting sle-aaahh-py", The Barnyard Buddies said. They closed their eyes and went to sleep. When we got to the camping ground Mum and Dad unpacked everything that went into the caravan and while they were doing that, Darcy, Ratchet, Clank and I all climbed a steep, muddy bank. When we got to the top we slid back down. Whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The Barnyard Buddies squealed when we were almost at the bottom. The Barnyard Buddies started jumping on the ground, went into the caravan and went on a bedsill. "You know, this is too boring to sit on", said Ratchet. "Yeah", said Clank. So when they hopped off the bedsill they went onto the bed. Then they jumped back. It was steaming hot. Then we went to a restaurant and Ratchet and Clank played ball.


On Sunday we went to Lake Wanaka and The Barnyard Buddies went with us. We threw lots of stones in the lake. But I'm very sorry that The Barnyard Buddies got dirty. The Barnyard Buddies liked the pillow that we brought and liked meeting some new places. Dad said it would take 3 1/2 hours to get from Wanaka to Dunedin. I'm afraid it's time to go. I hope Ratchet and Clank would like visiting another person's house. Goodbye, Barnyard Buddies.


The Barnyard Buddies have been on so many fun adventures that Miss B decided it might be time for them to have a wash. Clank had Cocopops in his mane and Ratchet's fur was looking more black and brown than black and white! So after school on Monday, Miss B's packed up The Barnyard Buddies and took them home to her house. Miss B knew The Barnyard Buddies were great swimmers and that they would have a fabulous time in the washing machine. They came out sparkling clean and happily relaxed in front of Miss B's fire to get dry. Now that they have been pampered they are ready for their next adventure. I wonder where they will be going for their holidays????

Sunday, June 21, 2009


MASON'S WEEKEND - June 19th 2009

The Barnyard Buddies story is just about to begin. On Friday we went to the Library and played in the play section with the cushions and the blocks. They helped pick out some books. At night they watched TV and played lego with me. We all snuggled in bed together and went to sleep.

On Saturday: They sat in my car and watched me play rugby and then came with me to get my medal for player of the day!

On Sunday: We all played snap while my Buddies wore my medal. They also had a little play with Tevita. Bye now!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The Barnyard Buddies went on an extremely exciting adventure today to the Araiteuru Marae. They got to travel on the bus in Miss Barnett's backpack. They were then welcomed onto the marae. They loved the powhiri but they thought the kai was even better! Next The Barnyard Buddies went and found out about weaving harakeke (flax), listened to stories and played fun string games. Although it was a bit tricky The Barnyard Buddies thought the taiaha was really cool. The Barnyard Buddies were exhausted after their big adventure and they fell asleep on the bus ride home (along with 5 of the other M2B kids!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Friday 12th of June

Today Clank and Ratchet made some new friends. They are Blossom and Bubble from The Power Puff Girls, Barbie, Bear, Mashimoros, Jinging, sheep, cow and frog. We have lots of fun together. We played catch and we watched movies.

Saturday 13th of June

The Barnyard Buddies followed me to the market. At the market, Clank and Ratchet had some carrots. After lunch, I brought them to the Botantical Garden. We fed the ducks and played at the playground. Clank and Ratchet liked the swing very much. At night, we went to Boen's house.

Sunday 14th of June

Clank and Ratchet had a group photo session. I taught Ratchet how to play the keyboard and my sister taught Clank.

The Barnyard Buddies will be leaving tomorrow and I will miss them. I hope to see them again. Bye bye Clank. Bye bye Ratchet.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Friday 5th June 2009

Just as The Barnyard Buddies arrived at their next stop (my house), they met a terrible dragon (Drago). They were so scared they ran away. Just then they got sucked into a super strong energy. "Help us", they squealed. "We're stuck". Whooooooosh, they flew onto the trampoline. Boink! Boink! Boink! They flew into the air. Ratchet thought of a sneaky idea to scare Clank. He found a scary helmet to scare him. He stood still then..... "Boooo!!!!!!" "Ahhhhhh!" "You should of seen the look on your face". "Okay, that's enough. Look at that cool game over there". Do you want to go play it?". "Sure". So off they set off to play the cool game they found. After that they found an evil ghost "Dooo noot cooome heere", the ghost said. "But we need to come here to save our friends Cookie Muncher and Ray". "Who trapped them?" "A terrible dragon and two knights". "Well I'm not going to let you come here and that's final". "Well not for long", shouted Ratchet. Boom!!! Ratchet sprung into the air and smashed his horns right into the ghost. "Curse you!" "Well we took care of him", Ratchet said. "But now we have to beat that dragon", continued Clank.

Saturday 6th June 2009

"Ok, there they are, we need you to distract them and I'll push him over", said Ratchet. "Ok". "Let's go". "Blah, blah, blah", blahed Clank. Push. "Whaaaah", cried the knights. "Clank kick him" whispered Ratchet. "Roar", screamed the dragon. "No, not that stupid energy ball again", shouted Clank. "I've got an idea. You reflect the energy with your hoof and I'll reflect it with my horn". "Thank you", said Cookie Muncher. "Now we have to go somewhere else". "Let's see if we can all fit into the bag".

Sunday 7th June 2009

On Sunday The Barnyard Buddies went to the beach house. Sadly we couldn't take any photos because the camera wasn't working. Oh well. I think we already took a bit too many photos, anyway I bet The Barnyard Buddies liked the soft velvet blanket and they liked meeting some new friends Cookie Muncher and Ray. I bet The Barnyard Buddies will have a fantastic time. Goodbye, goodbye. See you next time the buddies of the barnyard.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


As soon as I got to my Dad's office The Barnyard Buddies got a spin in the electronic umbrella. Next we drew tattoos on Walle, then I got out my seal (Brian), my teddy (Paddington) and my unicorn (Fluff), my duck (Bill) and my pony (Pinky Pie) and played a game. Soon we went to a movie called "Children of the Winter" but first we watched Charles play a computer game. Then we watched the television. Oops I almost forgot, we got my knight puppet (Knighty) out. We made some noise with our rain maker and we read a book, ate dinner, and then it was nap time but it wasn't because we played games. We wrote a story in our journal and we looked through the telescope. We went in the car for a ride. "Weeeeee! Ahhh! I'm stuck in a shoe. Help, help, help!" After we got back from the movies we had a tea party. They were really rude and kept on burping. They watched me play soccer and we ate lollies. We went shopping. We wrote a song and it goes like this:

Will you hold me tight?
Swing me like the leaves on a tree
Yip, that's me
Di Di Diii di x2
Like a tree

We went a little too crazy and started jumping on the bed singing Choo Choo Cha Boogie. We're going to have a bath because we are so muddy for soccer!

The Barnyard Buddies had lots of fun at Katherine's house but I bet we're going to have more fun at the next person's house!

Monday, May 25, 2009



On Friday evening (that's when the fun started) I got a bit TOO excited and started observing what Ratchet and Clank and my panda (Bright) could lift up. This is what I found:

Bright could lift Ratchet/Clank (or both at once)
Ratchet could lift Clank/Bright (or both at once)
Clank could lift Ratchet (weird huh?)/Bright

All this got a bit silly so my Mum told me to record it in this journal. GRRRRRRRR!!! Oh, and by the way my Dad didn't have his cellphone wire-thingymajingbob so we couldn't get our photos on the memory stick. Oh well. I suppose he will bring it tomorrow. Mum was also baking egg cakes (but not for them!). I think they'll get a taste.


Today was FUN! William B came over and we played heaps. There are two things to notice here. 1) I am not going to say all the hundreds of stuff we played with because most of it didn't have to do with The Barnyard Buddies. 2) I am only going to say what The Barnyard Buddies did. At the start we didn't do much to write for today. At the end we actually created Ratchet and Clank's first wrestling match. It ended up as KO x2 (knockout). It sure looked like Ratchet was going to win but when he crashed headfirst (or should I say hornfirst), the impact made him fly back and he fell down heavily.


Today we hardly did anything. In the morning we forgot to bring Ratchet and Clank to Church and we didn't get to do anything (emphasis mine) with them. Dad put the photos onto the flash drive but accidentally he stopped the video early so you can't see Ratchet's KO.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


17th of May 2009

The Barnyard Buddies went to swimming lessons and they said it was fun!!!!!!! They also helped make some cream for the cake and also they watched Pirates of the Caribbean. They went to the supermarket. They have had lots of fun!!!!!! Also they made some cookies.

By Ella


News Flash... there has been a sighting of The Barnyard Buddies at the supermarket. I wonder what they were buying?


All of the children in Model 2B are very keen to spend the weekend with The Barnyard Buddies and be the "Student of the Week". We talked about what we thought a "Student of the Week" would do. The children thought that the "Student of the Week" would have to be:

* Helpful
* Sit up straight
* Be a good listener
* Show kindness
* Have good manners (please and thank you)
* Work neatly
* Put rubbish in the bin
* Pay attention

I wonder who the next "Student of the Week" will be?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


9-10 May 2009

The Barnyard Buddies have been to the Swimming Pool and the Library. They liked sliding down my stairs pole. I cuddled them all night. We have had lots and lots of fun and they loved it. When Uncle Mick came we had to go to the Airport. But we forgot to bring the camera. Bye Bye Carolyn. But one more thing. We watched a movie.

Bye Bye Barnyard Buddies.
Love Carolyn

Sunday, May 10, 2009


On Friday we talked about how to care for The Barnyard Buddies. Miss B shared a story about how last year her class mascot went home with one of the children. The boy who took 'Ralph' the cat home left him on the floor. Ralph was attacked by his dog and had to have an operation! We did not want that to happen to The Barnyard Buddies so the children suggested some important rules which need to be followed if The Barnyard Buddies visit. Here are our rules:

* Don't leave them in a hard place to find
* Don't give them to little brothers or sisters
* Don't get them muddy
* Don't let pets play with them
* Don't give them mud baths
* Don't drop them
* Don't keep them, bring them back!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Just for fun Miss Barnett adopted a cool cyber-pet for our class blog. You can feed our horse apples and even give it a brush. Have fun!

*** Click on the "more" button to find the apples and brush ***

Saturday, May 2, 2009


On Friday the children of Model 2B worked together to brainstorm possible names for The Barnyard Buddies. The children worked in pairs came up with a list of names that they liked. We then voted to find the most popular names.

The cow names and votes:
Spotty (1)
Hot Rod (3)
Cowie (1)
Ratchet (5)
Bee (1)
Ray (1)
Patchy (2)
Crash (1)
Isabella (3)

The horse names and votes:
Snowy (1)
Spy (0)
Tex (1)
Clank (13)
Digger (0)
Joshua (0)
Dean (0)
Bolt (1)
Bella (1)

After great excitement and cheers we named the cow "Ratchet" and the horse "Clank".


Who are the Barnyard Buddies? They are two super cute farm animals - a cow and a horse. They are best of pals and can't wait to start their adventures with children of Model 2B.


Welcome to The Barnyard Buddies Blog. This is a special blog created for the students of Model 2B. Every week one lucky child from our class will take home the "Barnyard Buddies" for a special weekend adventure. Their adventures will be blogged and shared with you. I hope you enjoy our blog!