Monday, December 7, 2009


Ratchet and Clank had an ice cream and then had an adventure outside. Their favourite time was when they went into the sandpit. Here are some of the toys:
1) Bucket
2) Spade
3) Sand
4) Leaves

Grrrr! Uh oh. I don't think Mum liked that. RUN!

The Barnyard Buddies went into Darcy's room. They made some new friends and had lots of fun until the hairdryer fell out of place and made everyone twist and crash and clatter and bump. Then The Barnyard Buddies got whisked. Clank tumbled out with a pukeko!

WOW! Someone put up the Christmas tree! The Barnyard Buddies most favourite part of all WAS EXPLORING ROUND THE ATTIC! They were thrilled about it. Then they got dropped. Bouncy, bouncy, bounce. Too many bounces!!! Funny rhyming eh? Then The Barnyard Buddies got too excited. Crash! Oww. Some journey! Crash! Be careful! Oh! Suddenly "THE BOMBS GOING TO EXPLODE!" No silly there isn't any bombs. "Oh!" The Barnyard Buddies decided to write asong and it goes like this:

For he's a jolly good fellow 3x
Which nobody can deny 3x
For he's a jolly good fellooow
Which nobody can deny

That was before they went exploring round the attic. But I can't tell you about that, because I have already told you. Oh. I almost forgot. We also had some friends over for tea. We also deleted some photos because I took more than 281 photos and some were blurry. Now we have 166. Then we went to some shops to buy some chips. I cuddled them all night. They also went in the drier. They went tumbling like some crazed rat on a trampoline! Bye!


On Friday 27th of November, The Barnyard Buddies went home with Timmy for the week. They had a very important job, supporting him while he was preparing to have his operation on Monday morning. They made him smile right up until when he got wheeled away to the operating theatre. They were there again when he got back to the ward. Timmy was very sore and they did a great job at distracting him and getting him to think about something else.

Thanks Barnyard Buddies!!!