Wednesday, October 28, 2009


First I took photos of The Barnyard Buddies playing on the Playstation. Then I went to Grandma's house and took a photo of The Barnyard Buddies on Poppa's sore foot. Then I went back home and we went to bed. In the morning we went for a swim and The Barnyard Buddies watched me. Then we went back home to have some lunch. Then we went to my friend's house and I got to play on his bike and The Barnyard Buddies played in roller skates. We got McDonald's for tea and then The Barnyard Buddies went to bed to watch a movie with me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Friday 25th September

The Barnyard Buddies came to my house. They saw my little sister (Xuan Xuan) playing. Ratchet wanted to play with her and Clank as well. But Xuan Xuan wanted to eat. So they went "MMMMMM", "What can we do now?", asked Clank. So we played hide and seek with them. They both liked it... I also read some stories. Ratchet tells a story about five monsters and Clank tells a story about Horrid Henry.


They both crashed into the chair!!!!!


They BANG into the wall. They CRASH into Qing Qing. They BOOM into my Mum and Dad's bedroom. Qing Qing hugged Clank tightly. "EEEEEK", said Clank.

At night we play throw the buddies game and we had fun.

Saturday 26th September

On Saturday we went to my mother's friend's house. When we were there I left them in the car.

Sunday 27th September

The Barnyard Buddies went to church and my Mum's office. They were so excited. But when I went to church I left Ratchet in the car. But Qing Qing took Clank to the church. At my Mum's office, they played upside down, and I took a photo of them upside down. They took turns, so I said "Good Job", and they liked it.
When I was hungry I ate some biscuits and they saw me eating biscuits. They also felt hungry too. They said, "I am very hungry". So I gave them some biscuit.

Monday 28th September

We stayed at home because it was raining.

Wednesday 30th September

Today The Barnyard Buddies had a bath because they were dirty.

Thursday 1st October

On Thursday The Barnyard Buddies went to the Otago Museum. They played with the bouncing ball. We made a card at the museum and gave it to my Dad.

Friday 2nd October

The Barnyard Buddies played with my wings, my wand and my crown. They were my birthday presents. Because they wanted to be a princesses (Fairy Princesses).

Sunday 11th October

A noon we had a picnic lunch in the Botanic Gardens because it was a sunny day. My Mum and Dad brought me to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic lunch and also because I was a good girl. We ate chips, burgers and potato chips. At night The Barnyard Buddies had a photo session. I also had a farewell party for them. They had fun. I am going to miss them soon.

Bye Clank. Bye Ratchet